Media Course

Media Course

Media industry is very vivid and one of the most versatile industry. Mass media, as it is called is directly connected with the mass audience. The main work of Media industry is to provide information and generate public opinion. The Media industry has multiple facets and ranges from Cinema, Print, Television, Radio and currently the new media through web and mobile phone. The media has various purposes like providing entertainment, education and advocacy among others. Thus the scope of a career in media industry is vast. The Media industry is growing rapidly. All courses have been designed keeping in view the market demands. The courses give students abundant exposure in all aspects of journalism and mass communication. Short term courses focus on specific market needs. Certificate course like Anchoring and Reporting, Video Editing, Camera & Lighting give rigorous training to students in that particular field vis-a-vis giving them a feel of the whole media world. We offer Bachelor of Mass Communication from Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya which is recognized by University Grants Commission, Govt. of India. We also offer short term certificate course in Reporting and Anchoring, Journalism, RJ and VJ, Video Camera and Lighting, Photography and Editing and Digital Marketing. The certificate course is a mix of class room theoretical classes along with practical training in our TV channel (Jano Duniya) set up or other locations.

Why Choose NMS – Media Studies:

Our aim is to offer media training to the students to excel in the media world. Our mission is to enrich the educational experience and provide latest technologies to the new generation. Guidance is provided by experienced faculty and professionals to help the students achieve success and fame in the industry. Rigorous and intensive workshops will be conducted throughout the academic session to enrich the learning experience of the student in order to deal with the high expectations of the media world. The course is in collaboration with Jano Duniya, A National News & Infotainment Channel with head quarter at Ahmadabad. NMS is the only institute with a combination of teaching mass communication courses in Ahmedabad and having its own inhouse TV channel for exhaustive exposure through practical working.

Certificate Course in Video Editing & Post Production

1.   What is editing?
2.   Types of video editing
3.   Functions of Video Editing
4.   Principles of Video Editing
5.   Editing Jargon
6.   Grammar of Video Editing
7.   Elements of Editing Audio-Visual
8.   Sound: Importance and use of Sound
9.   Direct Sound, Live Sound
10. Studio Sound
11. Sound Perspective/ Oral Perspective
12. Sound Bridge
13. Commentary/ Voice-Over, Narration
14. Sound Effects (SFX)
15. Music

Certificate Course in Camera & Lighting

1.   Identify different parts of a video camera
2.   Explain different parts of a video camera
3.   How the camera works
4.   Camera support systems
5.   Camera movement
6.   Principles of Visual Grammar
7.   What is a shot?
8.   Seven primary factors decide the setting up
      of a shot.
9.   Types of shots
10. Lighting – element of video production
11. Properties of light
12. Lighting Techniques

Certificate Course in Reporting & Anchoring

1.   An overview of the Television & Industry
2.   Voice Over
3.   Public Speaking
4.   Style of Anchoring
5.   Theory of Dubbing
6.   On-air Essentials
7.   A guide on how to write presenter
      scripts for TV
8.   A look at personality, style and general
      show presentation
9.   Recording the voice
10. Digital Editing & Recording
11. Studio autocue reading
12. Audition techniques
13. Radio News Reading:
14. News Writing
15. Talk Show Host - Talk Radio &
      Presenting phone ins
16. TV Interviewing, presenting and
      reporting techniques, Multi-camera facing